What is crushed concrete base

. MOT Type 1 Recycled Sub Base is graded according to the Specification for Highway Works 803 (SHW 803). If you were to use just crushed limestone with no fines, the flagstone would have a good base, but not the best. Right now If you are compacting road crush with a vibratory plate you will get about 10 to 15% compaction. CRUSHED CONCRETE BASE Crushed Concrete Base shall foll ow FDOT Standard Specifications 2015. 41 per square foot, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. The weight will vary between company mainly because of the crush size. A bituminous or portland cement concrete wearing course is placed on the CTB to complete the pavement structure. Crushed Gravel is the ideal material for establishing a drainage base that withstands freezes and thaws. Pure gravel will be screened and washed and have very small percentages of sand or finer material. Companies acquire old concrete, crush it into small pieces and reuse it in numerous applications. The thickness of sub-base can range from 1" to 2" inches on light weight traffic areas like pathways and paver patios above the sub-grade when a ABC is not required, ABCM Aggregate Base Coarse is a hard pack sub-base compaction material. CMB typically comes from recycled concrete and/or recycled asphalt and consists of a sand/gravel mixture of 3/4” to fine. Crushed Concrete Fines. Epub 2017 Nov 22. Crushed stone is any stone material, including granite, shale or slate Crushed concrete fines are a recycled concrete aggregate routinely used as a base for brick patio pavers, roads, parking areas, and building foundations. Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-5pm . Rip Rap Ditch Liner Crushed Concrete Calculate 2" Minus Road base (RCA) Type in inches and feet of your project and calculate the estimated amount of Recycled Materials in cubic yards, cubic feet and Tons, that your need for your project. 00 per ton less money. A concrete base, on the other hand, cannot absorb water. A good crushed gravel base beneath the blacktop is the secret to a long-lasting driveway. Other kinds of crushed stone that are ideal for the construction of stone driveways and patios around the home include sandstone, Flint, shingles, ballast and gravels. 1500 N. If the area is on a generally sloped lot, a perforated pipe within the stone to drain the area to daylight downhill somewhere would be good. By definition crushed stone is a construction aggregate. 01 Related References A. Chili Bar Chips; Chili Bar Pavers; Chili Bar Boulders; Screened Fill Material; Shale. Construction Aggregate. Crushed concrete laid in layers is the perfect base for creating a raised garden bed. It is about 2. Reclaimed Concrete Material Used as Base or Fill. A well constructed sub base will support and provide stability. The best way to do it (IMHO) is have the road base spread at least 4" thick and compacted. Most people do not want them washing out their trucks on the building site so they go to a local dirt yard or another designated site and wash out their trucks. Crushed Concrete Driveway For the Farm – A Cheaper Alternative. Plus the placement and pouring of a concrete slab is rough work, and the chance that your vapor barrier came through without a hole is pretty slim. It doesn't smooth out well and with our drive having a couple of curves, the car tires tend to kick these larger rocks out the the edge. The crushed aggregate base course should consist of one or more layers placed directly on the prepared sub-grade, spread, and compacted to the uniform thickness and density as required on the plans or established in the contract. Use this calculator to estimate the quantity of Construction Aggregates needed for your particular job, based on width, length, thickness, and product density. crushed run gravel? I have been using crushed concrete base rock for Years with great results. Which foundation works best depends on your situation, land and needs, not necessarily on the foundation itself. A front concrete driveway is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. Washed rock. When compared to ordinary natural well-graded gravelly soils, the peak strength and stiffness increase more significantly with dry density, while the effect of the degree of saturation during compaction is much less significant. Driveway Materials. Inert solid waste is concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick, and other rubble. of a good compactable base is a good rule of thumb, but the exact amount of base for your driveway depends on the condition of the existing soil, the climate, and what you plan to park on your driveway. 00 Per Ton Typical products we provide include ready mixed concrete aggregate, bedding materials for underground utilities, crushed aggregate base rock and more. Due to its modest cost and easy installation, it is often used for horse riding arenas (screenings) and walking and bike paths (screenings and 3/8” size), as well as for drainage systems and as a base or sub-base for residential crushed rock driveways and retaining walls. In addition, crushed concrete was used for all  RAP Recycled Asphalt Strata Materials · Flex Base on Zachry Project · Seven Points Excavation-min · Garland Plant-Alt View-min · Concrete Rubble · 1-Inch. Pea gravel never packs, and grass and mud work through too quick. 6 Metric Tons per cubic Meter). crushed concrete - The perfect sub-base material Pre 1970 sub-base material for construction projects was derived from use of primary quarried material. Crushed concrete fines are an eco-friendly material that is not only economical in price, but can also be used in a variety of landscaping projects. doi: 10. that or find a shingle factory and get a load of scrap shingles. Since it’s durable, it is also regularly used for backfill, drainage solutions, or pipe bedding. First measure the square footage of the project area. The base is the foundation for a durable driveway, making it critical to pick the right base material. . Application Detail It is a cost effective alternative for stone base material. 2. Crushed Concrete. Base (CMB) 50-50 Concrete Mix; Slate. The Oldcastle 80 lb. Crushed concrete is exactly what it sounds, concrete ground into small pieces. Because of the low stability, rutting due to construction traffic is com- mon. After leveling, place sheets of erosion-reducing fabric over the sand. The crushed aggregate base lays on heavy traffic or driveways areas. Minnesota has observed that recycled concrete aggregate used in base and subbase material performs similarly to virgin aggregate. It is a 4 bay double garage. It is a highly versatile product, used for driveways, pathways, flower beds or as a base for concrete, pavers, asphalt, retaining walls, sheds or foundations. its the same size as the granite has dust and diffrent size aggregates that make it look like it will bond together well. Also, concrete pavements can be broken in place and used as a base layer for an asphalt pavement through a process called rubblization. Specifications Strata Materials' 1" Crushed Concrete ranges in size from 1 5/8" down to 3/8" particle size. (CCA) The use of CCA in base layers, asphalt paving layers  Dec 12, 2018 At present, in asphalt pavement, RCA can be used to build the asphalt concrete surface layer, cushion layer, base layer, and so on [2,3,4]. 018. 00 ton clean and $8. The sub-base if formed by dust and small chipped aggregate layers, typically Crushed Fines. Depending on the size and scope of work involved, the construction of a new crushed stone or gravel driveway can be installed by an experienced grading contractor generally over a 1 to 3 day period. With assembled dimensions of 15 in. Dense-graded base course are aggregates having different particular size. Tack Coat Crushed limestone is soft we can't get it here it all goes for making portland cement. they are kind of a pain to spread tho. You need a good base of #2 crushed limestone and no it is not free. Crushed concrete can and will have sharp edges. This can cause pooling. Sub- base gravel is laid down as the  Reclaimed Concrete Material Used as Base or Fill Since RCM is a crushed material, the angular aggregates will provide excellent stiffness and load transfer   8 Aug 2018 Find out what crushed aggregate base is, uses, applications, and The aggregates derive from concrete, recycled asphalt, or quarried rock. Retail Price List Oct-12 We Deliver We recommend visiting our store and seeing our product before delivery. Consists of: An aggregate composed of clean Crushed Concrete and Brick which has been screened to remove dust and fines. Also, since it is a recycled product, there can be a small amount of inert content such as pieces of brick, wiring, rebar mixed in or stuck in the crushed up pieces of concrete. LBR’s of over 150. Crushed concrete is a very good substrate for a slab. A water rinse will help bring air out and compact the material. It also minimizes damage on the surface of the roadway by reducing the risk of cracks, spalling, and other signs of deterioration. D x 8 in. Yard. Many contractors prefer to use ½” or ¾” crushed stone as a subbase material before laying concrete. Sweetman Place | Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Contact Call 2. 5% Concrete bends and breaks Use self-compacting fill Water helps compact Concrete block ledges on footer CLICK HERE to Get Tim's FREE & FUNNY Newsletter! DEAR TIM: My new home is under construction. Snyder, Ph. Various grades of crushed concrete are widely used in UK infrastructure sectors such as highways, rail & aviation. 11. We have what it takes to fulfill any size order, in any amount of time. Sub-base layers, immediately below the road, driveway, or patio top layer, are usually 1 ½ to 3 inches. 1 General Description This section includes the requirements for material to be used for base, subbase, or shoulder course material, and includes graded aggregate, unconsolidated limerock base, and crushed concrete base. A proper moisture level in the subbase not only helps with consolidation, it also reduces bleeding out of the water from the base of the concrete slab. The most widely used recycled materials are recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) and recycled concrete aggregate (RCA). The key is to not have chunks so large that air pockets are created. 72 - $1. The mix includes a 40% replacement of portland cement with SCMs and uses recycled water from truck washout and stormwater. So when the price went down to $6 a ton for crushed concrete (compared at $18 a ton for gravel) we bought 100 tons. Another contractor told me that no sand is used because it is the cause for cracks as the concrete moves. SLM offers sturdy and versatile crushed concrete Tampa Bay homeowners and landscapers look for. That doesn’t mean that your completed drive can’t offer a luxurious look and feel that will improve the value of your entire property, though. 2 Materials. It is used underneath foundations, pathways, patios, and driveways. Our company also provides contract  Recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) is often used as a replacement of virgin ( base course), embankments, hot-mix asphalt, and Portland cement concrete. Below find the secret if you do not have that Backhoe or Loader, or back blade on your Tractor, or, it is just a small job. 18 with LBR minimum150 is allowed to calculate the base thickness. This material provides customers a second  Recycled Concrete in MDOT's. Much like scalpings it's created from a waste product, in this case old concrete versus quarry waste, and hence has been recognized nowdays as a Type 1 product for it's general consistency and content. ) If you use a jumping jack, about 20% would be accurate. Mark B. This could destroy the tires on your truck. Rammers, which work best for compacting 6 to 12 inches of fill, are designed to handle clay soils where the impact creates shearing forces that remove air voids from the clay. The sand and gravel do more than act as filler, though. I highly recommend you rent a plate compactor. D. This material has more dusty fines for compaction so it actually packs better for a base than ¾” minus crushed rock. Natural Stone, Gravel, Sand and Landscaping Materials. Crushed Concrete Base or 2-3" Flyash. And include <10% asphaltic pavement or surfacing, base or a combination of asphaltic pavement, surfacing and base (301. Produced from recycled asphalt & concrete, it's far superior to a class 5 gravel. crushed concrete is a recycled product, so it would be best for you to make a trip to the source of the gravel and pick up a handful and look for the fines in it. Crushed stone is a material that is typically used as a base or underlayment, upon which the stuff that actually shows -- for example, the concrete of a patio-- will rest. active oldest votes. Crushed concrete aggregate (CCA) is granular material manufactured by removing, crushing, . Crushed riverstone is used in eastern canada you get alot of round rock. Central Crushed Concrete has the capability to service the entire Central Texas region, whether it be from disposal of concrete rubble at one of our Recycling Facilities, on-site crushing with our Mobile Crushing equipment, or by completing the recycling process through purchasing our TxDOT approved Base and Aggregate materials. Concrete versus aggregate sub base for a driveway Hi I am looking to get a new block paving driveway and am unsure if a granite Type 1 sub base or a lean mix sub base would be best. concrete aggregate (RCA) is nothing more than PCC crushed into aggregate-sized particles. The smaller the crush size the 1" minus (with fines) material used for producing a flat, sturdy base. • Concrete with recycled concrete aggregate has a smaller carbon footprint. Forming a compacted sub base, small pieces of concrete are laid down as the lower layer in highways, driveways, roads, patios and even in redi-mix concrete foundations, though crushed stone is typically preferred beneath such foundations. I have AMAZING drainage now. The use of aggregates such as limestone, granite and basalt were common place and where specified are still used today! You should use a crushed stone or crushed concrete for the base material. Crushed stone base must be fully contained. 1 Road base;   On the recent Viasat Project, we utilized approx. Our old place had smaller rock chips which were packed tightly and didn't move around much. Excavation materials. It is at the heavier end of the work you will do to build your shed. Major uses of the cumulative crushed stone without a binder include railroad ballast #3 and road base. Uses for #2 Crushed Stone. Is this a permanent or temporary location? If you're planning That said, limestone itself is very durable, and over time and weathering with settle in better as a surface as it's partially soluable with water between that and compactingso crushed concrete is almost overkill. We have our own crushing plant that we recycle concrete to make this road base. Southern Crushed Concrete’s Cement-Treated Base (CTB) is a mixture of crushed concrete combined with carefully measured amounts of cement that harden after compaction to form a durable paving material. Intended Use of the Product Crushed concrete is used as an aggregate in concrete or asphalt bases, concrete or asphalt mixes, flowable Crushed Concrete / Recycled Concrete Aggregate RCA Venice Hauling Delivers! When concrete structures are renovated or demolished, concrete recycling companies collect the broken pieces from the demolition sites and put it through a crushing plant creating crushed concrete, crushed cement, or recycled concrete aggregate ( RCA ). Crush and run gravel is widely used for constructing driveways because the gravel, which is a mixture of stone powder and small crushed stone, retains the strength of the top layer of the driveway, making it durable. 5 cu. 50 = 3. , P. Crushed concrete is suitable for use as pavement for shoulders on highways, sidewalks, bridges, curbs, and gutters. 1” x 3” Crushed concrete : This is primarily used as a base coat for new driveways or roads. Top soil. Also called “clean stone,” this base gravel is made from machine-crushed stone and is composed of irregular rock fragments. Since RCM is a crushed material, the angular aggregates will provide excellent stiffness and load transfer capability. The mix used for the Green Mile Project is composed of 30% CCA and 70% virgin limestone aggregate. Locations 763. Residential projects using crushed concrete  Oct 9, 2013 Roadbase produced from 'haul back' concrete from both ready mix operations and jobsites. We sell crushed concrete/flexbase/roadbase and asphalt as well as allow anyone to dump concrete and asphalt for free. Crushed Aggregate Base (CAB) Crushed Misc. It's these smaller fine particles that allow the mix to bind and crush down into a nice firm driveable surface. Crushed concrete fines compact very well making it an ideal sub base. Use of Recycled Concrete Materials in Base/Subbase Applications. In an environmentally friendly sense using recycled materials makes sense. Base course of crushed stone, recycled crushed concrete base, cement- stabilized crushed stone, cement-stabilized bank-run gravel, recycled crushed stone  We offer a variety of fine and coarse sand, gravel and crushed stone It can be used in concrete and is also ideal for use as a base material and for sandboxes. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC project requirements. When it comes to crushed stone grades, it’s categorized by the size of the stone after it has been crushed. Crushed concrete is a modern aggregate, commonly used as a sub-base for patios, driveways and roads. As for using for the finished surface the 3/4 would be fine so would the 3/8s minus. The Contractor shall perform all work required by the plans and specifications for construction of recycled concrete base course for asphalt or concrete pavement  Damage was noted approximately one year after completion of the construction and was caused by significant expansion in the recycled concrete base. In these areas, the stone would need to be skim-coated with concrete or asphalt to make it more stable. Good morning I am a complete novice at concreting and seeking advice about the base for my garage slab. 305. Crushed stone of uniform size has a nominal density of 100 pounds per cubic foot (1. Crushed stone uses can vary from base material for pavers and bricks to being used to dress up areas for walking and driving. A flexible sub-base consists of granular aggregates, while a concrete base comprises granular aggregates bound together with a cement. Asphalt concrete base (ACB), also called asphalt treated base (ATB), is a dense-graded HMA with a larger nominal maximum aggregate size (1 inch) intended for use as a base course or binder course (see Figure 1). Crushed concrete fines are a recycled concrete product commonly used as a base for brick pavers, roadways, parking lots, and building pads. Crushed Concrete Base 1 1/2" -3/4": rock with sandy binder mixed into set up material. So maybe I have 6 inches of paver base in some areas. Roughly speaking, aggregate costs around 25 quid per tonne while cement is closer to 160 quid per tonne. Maybe bring in a layer of sand to fill the voids and level things a bit. Installing crushed, granular based gravel on a compacted subgrade is the best start to a strong base. Abstract: When recycled crushed concrete and crushed cement- treated materials have been used in pavement bases and  15 Dec 2016 Recycled concrete aggregate is a great cost-saving alternative and can be used in place of virgin aggregate in many typical construction  TxDOT reclaims and reuses about one million tons of recycled concrete pavement (RCA) annually. How To spread and level stone. The truth is, the extra cost of concrete does not make it a better foundation. I live only a few miles from a concrete plant and they offer the crushed concrete for only $15 a "load". Type Use crushed concrete derived exclusively from Portland cement concrete pavement or structural concrete as a base, subbase, or shoulder course. A hole plus wet soil would spell moisture in your slab. E. In my opinion, the key was the compacting. These particles consist of the original aggregate particles and the adhered mortar (5). Hangontight. The spec on this material is 3/8 inch and minus down to a powder, with the bulk consisting of powder. If you back up with a little utility trailer that only holds 1/3 of a yard, it's $15. They typical weight of a yard of crushed concrete runs around 3,000lbs or a ton and a half. Crushed gravel driveways are commonly composed of sand, silt, clay and larger aggregates (pebbles and small stones). Cement-treated base (CTB) is an intimate mixture of aggregate material and/or granular soils combined with measured amounts of portland cement and water that hardens after compaction and curing to form a durable paving material. is a mix of simply cleaned crushed stone. For added protection, consider adding a vapor barrier as well. Concrete is made up of cement and water plus an aggregate composed of sand and gravel. Compaction Necessities. Area Calculator; Cylinder/Circle Calculator; Credit Card Authorization Form; FAQ; Get a Quote The 1" Crushed Concrete is one of the most popular recycled products because of its wide usage ranging from utility pipe embedment to road construction applications. Open-graded bases are not as stable as densely graded, well-compacted, crushed stone bases. This article will help you to decide if you really need such a heavy duty solution or if something a bit lighter and simpler to install would work just as well. Pavement base applications are the most common uses for recycled concrete aggregate. 3 Ton. Crushed Concrete Paver Base is Crushed Concrete Paver Base, sorry there is no description about Crushed Concrete  Aug 1, 2018 concrete pavement recycling—recycled concrete aggregate—sustainable concrete Lean Concrete Base (LCB) and Cement-Stabilized Base. Trap Rock Like granite, trap rock is a name for a variety of igneous rocks used in construction. A. Mason sand. 31 Dec 2012 Evaluation of Crushed Concrete Base. The crushed concrete base should be 4 to 6 inches thick. Engulfment hazard. 5 inches of high stability asphalt on a coarse-graded bituminous base of 7. 5 Answers. The best type of gravel for a paver base is medium 3/4-inch crushed rock. As a result, crushed concrete has a mixture of large and fine materials mixed together, generating a strong interlocking during sub-base compaction. Road base layers, such as what you’d find on a gravel road or driveway, often use a top layer of ¾-inch aggregates. This is achieved by simply multiplying the width times the length. wasman. Call for more details. The Crushed Concrete. All road and driveway base materials are considered compactable materials  Dense Graded Aggregate (DGA) as it is also known, is very compactable, which makes it ideal for a base material under asphalt, concrete, paving stones,  We offer a variety of high-quality recycled concrete aggregates in various sizes to RC-6 can be used as a sub-base for parking lots and roadways, residential  Oct 11, 2018 Larger sizes of crushed concrete are perfect for drainage at construction entrance . I believe the answer is smaller material. Call for Delivery – Pricing Based on Material & Location. The Pavestone 0. The river rock will be stronger than the limestone your used to. I'm in a disagreement with my builder about what's going to happen under my garage slab. 00 ton mixed. Stone driveways, by contrast, are often more elegant. Larger crushed stone, such as CA6 or CA5, is typically used for parking lots, driveways, shoulder stone, or railroad ballast. The recycling facility is next to My Const. Standard Specifications Section 800—Coarse Aggregate Patio design with crushed stone is easy, practical and more affordable than pavers or poured concrete. Uses of Crushed Rock - Applications of Limestone Rock and Concrete Rock. Crushed or recycled concrete is as strong as the new or original concrete and can sometimes be even stronger sometimes. Blended material. Handle with care and use appropriate control measures. It is also a good base for interlocking walls and gabion walls. Crushed concrete — the recycled kind is much less expensive than new concrete — can be used as a base under country roads, driveways, patios, and  Nov 6, 2018 Recycled aggregate is produced by crushing concrete, and The base layer supports the pavement, and is made of aggregate base (AB). Guessing is rarely a good solution to such dilemmas when undertaking a big project, so let's look at a (relatively) simple way to figure out the correct amount. Because concrete is a very porous material, it will absorb any moisture that it contacts. Much like scalpings it's created from a waste product, in this case old concrete versus quarry waste, and hence has been recognized nowdays as a Answer (1 of 6): A conversion of one tonne of crushed concrete into cubic it is; concrete that has been broken up and can be used for creating a sub base of drainage layer. Home » Base » Crushed Concrete Fines. Related Locations. conventional crushed-stone base material by as much as 30%. The broke up shed base is quite large chunks of concrete so could I use that a long with the gravel as a sub base for the new concrete base I am about to lay? The chunks are a range of sizes from 20mm to about 90mm. Crushed Concrete Base For Sale Crushed Concrete Where You Need It – When You Need It Crushed Concrete Base Let Steadfast fill your base material order with sized, screened recycled concrete. Our Aggregate processing consists of crushing, screening, and washing the aggregate to obtain proper cleanliness and gradation. The base is a layer that also consists of crushed stone but slightly smaller stones than the sub-base In some cases, stone dust or stone fines will be mixed with the aggregate to reduce voids and will hold the layer in place better. If it's due to high water table, I might be inclined to build up the slab area with crushed stone (aka "gravel" in some places) before adding the foam and VB. Crushed stone is not an acceptable sub-base for any mounded area. They use crushed recycled concrete, stone, bricks and other hard materials to make the hardcore base for use in sub-base construction projects. Wash out or crushed concrete is the leftover concrete that they wash out of the concrete trucks after making a delivery. Base. The #2 crushed stone that Re-Agg supplies has multiple uses. In order to keep the concrete as close to its design strength, forms should be dampened to keep water from being drawn out of the concrete. RAP will be somewhere in the 90 to 95 pcf range, depending on gradation. Its shape creates a mosaic effect on your patio surface. MSDS: 2. Connect with the best team in Base Materials. 1 Yard = 1. So believe me, you don't want moist soil right below your vapor barrier. With pieces that large, your density will not be highlikely on the order of 90 to 100 pcf for the crushed concrete. After significant aging and use, concrete loses its value due to cracking, weakening and other problems. [4] For base placed between old and new pavements, use crushed stone, crushed gravel, or crushed concrete with a plasticity index of 3 or less. For underneath concrete slabs or base compaction: Our ¾”minus crushed concrete is the most popular material we sell for this purpose. The base should consist of angular, sharp edged particles, not rounded as they will sink into the ground when under pressure. The aggregates comprise approximately 60 to 75 percent of the total volume of concrete. Type 1 Crushed Concrete Type 1 Concrete is produced by crushed aggregate - recycling waste materials from construction and demolition projects. 0 x 0. The most important part of doing a crushed stone base to to dig up the grass and top soil and dig down about 3-4”. Since RCM has a lower specific gravity than most mineral aggregates, it provides a higher volume for the same weight of aggregate and is therefore economically attractive to contractors ( FHWA, 2001e [1] ). RAP is produced by removing and reprocessing existing asphalt pavement and RCA is the product of the demolition of Consists of: Type 1 Recycled Sub Base can be made from a range of materials such as Crushed Concrete, Crushed Rail Ballast or IBAA (Incinerator Bottom Ash Aggregate). 21 May 2017 Buying crushed concrete for driveways and patios is a common Forming a compacted sub base, small pieces of concrete are laid down as  Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA) is often used as a replacement for natural aggregate in road construction activities because of its excellent mechanical  ABSTRACT: The use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) as a road base has lowered costs of road construction while preserving virgin aggregate resources. Crushed concrete road base is a valuable resource material that can be suitably recycled back into various construction materials. Since 2010, I have investigated the use of recycled concrete aggregates (RCA) in or as a compacted sub-base for new roads, sidewalks, and concrete slabs,  30 Mar 2010 Version No: 1. This common size is also used for many landscaping projects. Our 2″ and down material is run through 1-1/2″ screens to assure 2″ maximum aggregate size. It can also be used in custom concrete mixes. Strata Materials, LLC Garland Recycle Yard 3637 Castle Drive, Rowlett, TX. The cement and asphalt serve as binders. Mostly, it is used as a construction aggregate in asphalt and concrete for road and highway work with or without a binder. of  Waste Manag. They are a by-product of the rock-crushing process and are a very important component for the base material under your proposed patio. Retaining Walls Layering crushed concrete is also a great way to create a retaining wall and control erosion on slopes or hills in your yard. A four-inch-thick layer of this type of gravel forms a strong foundation for the driveway while ensuring proper drainage. Recently, in order to protect the natural resource and reduce the environmental pollution of solid waste, recycling aggregates, such as crushed concrete and crushed masonry conventional crushed-stone base material by as much as 30%. Dense Aggregate Base. Crushed concrete aggregate eliminates the need for disposal by using the readily available concrete as an aggregate source for new concrete or other applications. Crushed concrete vs limestone for driveway. The cost to Install Crushed Stone starts at $0. A good base is everything! Concrete will crack and crumble if it’s not poured over a solid, stable base. An example would be "pea gravel", with all particles approximately pea size. From: US Dept. Recycled crushed concrete is an excellent source for subbase material. Base Gravel #3. Using a plate compactor, gently vibrate the multisized crushed concrete pieces. (RCA) produced from concrete pavement slabs (Snyder 2016). Our Flex Base material is frequently used to weather proof a project, such as a cap on building pads or for building staging areas, which reduces lost time from rain delays. CMA is locatedin Mckinney Texas. It is perfect for using in trench fills, backfills, oversite fills and as a granular sub-base. Content Block: The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) provides specifications for the use of recycled aggregate, sometimes referred to as crushed miscellaneous base (CMB), as base (section 26) or subbase (section 25) on road projects. 1 ton covers aprox 90 sq ft 2". 2018 Feb;72:354-361. 1 General. Crushed concrete is good stuff but the larger it is the easier the fines wash away, leaving you with big rollers that like to bruise tires! Fine for 18 wheelers to get on the pipeline, not so good for pick-up and horse trailer if ya` know what I mean Good luck on your project and keep us posted on what you figure out! I know they are making a killing on this crushed concrete and they tell me its £7 a ton cheaper a ton than the granite, they also say its been certified type 1. Some concrete plants might even give you their waste for free when they clean the plant. Following the initial crushing of concrete rubble in a jaw crusher and removal of any steel by magnetic separation, RCM must be crushed and screened to the desired gradation using conventional aggregate processing equipment. 2. all cement concrete debris that is recycled is used as road base due to its  We make our own Class 5 Gravel and Recycled Concrete at our Elk River facility. crushed concrete. There is a growing trend for supposedly professional contractors to claim that a concrete sub-base is a better option than a traditional unbound granular aggregate sub-base. Crushed concrete, a Type 1 unbound material, provides granules that are varied in diameter from the crushing process. We work diligently to ensure our production and business practices are sustainable and as environmentally friendly as possible. Environmentally Friendly Recycled Concrete. Dig a patio base 10 inches below grade and lay a flat base of 2 inches of sand. Crushed recycled concrete graded and screened to a nominal size of 40mm all in with fines, this is our most popular size and can be used in a variety of jobs from under floor slabs and driveways to car parks and hardstand areas. In the Texas area most of the crushed rock that is utilized is crushed limestone, crushed concrete, or a smooth river rock. Concrete is a mixture of cement, sand, and crushed rock or stone of different varieties. At American That's why we sell recycled concrete that can be used for driveway material, as a paver base, Raw concrete is crushed and screened producing a recycled concrete product used as an alternative to crusher run aggregate in base applications. (1) Provide aggregate conforming to 301. A base material is a gravel-based substance used to support a paved surface. I have recently broke up my old concrete shed base which was 100mm thick, I also have quite a lot of gravel. 1016/j. 972-878-2573 - Hunter Excavation - FREE estimates. unreinforced, 600 psi concrete flexural strength Concrete: Design thickness = 6. Cranesville Block offers crushed concrete aggregate at discount prices. Crushed concrete fines compact very well making them an ideal subbase material. Pavement Engineering and Research Consultants (PERC), LLC. Crushed stone has continuously been used for a variety of construction needs because of its versatility. 1 ½” – This is commonly used as a base for roads, slabs, driveways, walkways, crushed stone patios, interlocking walls and is also used for drainage stone projects, septic systems and dry wells. The introduction of these fines is what allows the crushed limestone to mimic poured concrete. For many homeowners, this means working with crushed stone or gravel. Crushed stone is one of the most reliable base materials you can use under a patio surface of pavers or slabs. While the use of recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in the base course of new pavements is quite common in  About Crushed Concrete Paver Base. We introduced the concept of using crushed concrete as an aggregate substitute to the Hillborough, Manatee, Pinellas, and Sarasota county area in 1985. Raw concrete is crushed and screened producing a recycled concrete product used as an alternative to crusher run aggregate in base applications. RE: Using crushed concrete instead of clas 5 for driveway base The recycle is used for road bases all over, it compacts very nicely and it is what I recommend under asphalt or concrete. Learn 1 1/4″ Dense Grade is used primarily as a base material underneath roadways. Project No. 2 Base course material will consist of sound, hard, crushed rock, crushed gravel, or crushed concrete. Select fill. The hardness of the stone is very important as there is a correlation between stone hardness and strength of the finished concrete. Base Materials. Granite, the second most common type of crushed stone, is used as concrete and asphalt aggregate, a base material for highways, rural roads, and buildings, and for landscaping and decorative stone. Our suppliers crush and separate the material into several  Recycled Concrete from Knife River. This can create more water runoff issues during heavy rain falls. It is not used with Poured-in-Place or TurfTop systems. The bottom of the shed also won’t dry out as quickly with concrete. ". The site has been prepared and built up using rock dust to a depth concrete slab site made now crushed rock or sand as base under slab which is better Baserock (Road base) Spec: Crushed concrete, graded 2” minus. Driveway Stone – Hardcore, Scalpings or MOT Type 1 Hardcore. last a hell of a lot longer than the other options its a pretty good option. It is a great value alternative to limestone, as it is easily reclaimed and graded from existing demolition sites, whilst maintaining the main benefits of a primary aggregate. The source of the confusion over terminology is that the small stone used in stone driveways is sometimes also referred to as "gravel. Both foundations have their pros and cons of course. Crushed concrete conforms to the Flex Base specification of the Texas Department of Transportation. Brown Shale; Blue Shale; Calculator; Get a Quote; Contact Us; Resources. $26. Aggregate consists of hard, graduated fragments of inert mineral materials, including sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, rock dust, or powder. While not the prettiest or the most solid base it can work if done properly. 00 per acre) (approx 3 acres); 4,217 cy unclassified excavation; 9,294 sy crushed aggregate base course, type b, plant mixed, 6" compacted thickness; 620 gal tack coat; 748 ton of nsuperpave bituminous concrete wearing surface layer, 1/2" maximum aggregate size mix, esal range a/b; 53 tons of superpave bituminous concrete wearing surface layer, Crushed Stone or Crushed Concrete. MOT Type 1 - Crushed Concrete is by its very nature a Type 1 SHW certified product for use as a high quality fill or sub-base material, often in the construction of car parks, driveways and highways. For the base crushed rock follow by a layer of filter fabric and then a layer of sand to place the concrete on. 0%: VicRoads 812 and VicRoads 815 (formerly VicRoads 820 & 821) 20mm Class 4 Recycled Crushed Concrete: Road base Brochure: Sub/lower base & capping material, hardstand, haul roads, under slabs & site offices, bedding and backfill. Mississippi Department of Transportation. Absolute minimum crushed aggregate thickness is four inches (4″). Strata Materials, LLC Kennedale Recycle Yard 4297 Dick Price Road, Kennedale, TX The layer above the base course is the paver base that is the layer which consists of coarse sand or construction aggregate. 815. 0) Collector Design variables: k = 100, ADTT = 50, Medium axle load category, 30 year design life, Crushed Limestone Base; Pipe Bedding; Dimension Granite; Limestone Boulders; Concrete Aggregate; Ballast; Hot Mix Aggregate; Aglime/Maglime/Sand; Oversized Rock; Call Us: 800-772-8272 Se Habla Espanol Generally, CTAM as a road base material is produced by using coarse natural or crushed aggregates and designed as a heavy traffic base or a heavy traffic wearing course. Is a concrete sub-base better beneath block paving? An urban myth is gaining currency within the residential block paving installation trade. Only FDOT certified piles are acceptable to this project from FDOT approved sources. Now, mind you, if you back up with a 20 yard, double axle dump, it's $15. For example, an excavated soil site, coupled with crushed concrete and bedding sand, creates a paver base. Landscape Materials in Tomball, TX Choose from the all-inclusive selection of crushed stone, soil and mulch products available from RAC Materials. Hard core consisting of crushed concrete and other building materials is one option. It stays confined between borders, and resists sinking below ground. 21AA Crushed concrete: 1-1/2″ max. 1. In fact, reused concrete is very durable and safe to use, not only for building purposes, but also as a base underneath patios and driveways. Crushed granite is also a suitable and durable substitute for limestone in concrete. It consists of high-quality, well-graded aggregates (usually mineral aggregates), bonded by a hardened cementitious paste. Crushed stone is a versatile material and can also be used for many commercial, residential and DIY projects. Crushcrete's recycled concrete aggregate products are 15% to 17% lighter in lots- Recycled concrete stone can be used as an aggregate base course that  Sep 14, 2004 substituting recycled (crushed) concrete for natural virgin . A gravel base acts like a sponge by wicking away the water that would normally collect around the bottom of the shed. We’re your go-to source for top soil in Tomball, Texas, and many other reliable products. go with some 2a modifieds and you will be happy. Does anybody use sand as a base before they pour concrete of a driveway? I was told by one of the contractor that I needed to put a layer of sand before I poured concrete for the driveway. If professional service matters to you, we are here to help. Crushed Central Crushed Concrete has the capability to service the entire Central Texas region, whether it be from disposal of concrete rubble at one of our Recycling Facilities, on-site crushing with our Mobile Crushing equipment, or by completing the recycling process through purchasing our TxDOT approved Base and Aggregate materials. Our concrete recycling center is also a viable source of aggregate. Strength. Crushed Concrete Base shall follow FDOT Standard Specifications 2015. The excavator is confident that he can get the concrete compacted to almost 100% and that the horses will not punch through the base, but he says the water will not drain through the base. The crushed concrete is then re-used as aggregate for fill, road base or even new concrete – many of the same applications as conventional crushed stone. Crushed stone, which is what is recommended as a base material for a paver base is measured in cubic yards. Sizes range from 40mm down to dust to create an easily compacted recycled aggregate. 1 Base course material will be approved by the Contract Administrator. Weighs 2600 lbs per yard. A filter fabric is necessary for crushed stone bases only when tiles are installed. 2) 23 Celeen (2007) The base, which is the area below the pavers, dictates the thickness specification. Using round particles will affect the wall in the future as they move underground. Concrete Materials. With Texas Crushed Base, you will never be limited by time or space. Small gravel typically contains sand-like particles that compact into a dense base that won't allow moisture to escape. Area Calculator; Cylinder/Circle Calculator; Credit Card Authorization Form; FAQ; Get a Quote Product Name: Crushed Concrete, Recycled Concrete, Crushed Concrete Base Course, Recycled Concrete Base Course, Reclaimed Concrete Material (RCM) Recycled Concrete Pavement (RCP) Synonyms: Crushed Concrete 1. • Crushing old concrete to produce aggregate takes less energy than mining virgin aggregate. Use of Crushed Concrete Aggregate in MDOT Base Layers . 425. Crushed concrete >= 90 percent crushed concrete that is substantially free of steel reinforcement and includes < 10 percent asphaltic pavement or surfacing, base, or a combination of asphaltic pavement, surfacing, and base, incorporated during the removal operation. TxDOT Item 247 Flexible Base is available at: Strata Materials LLC Mosier Valley Recycle Yard 11695 Mosier Valley Road Euless, TX. Crushed concrete is an environmentally friendly product, made from demolished structures, construction waste and other sources of broken concrete. 2 for crushed stone, crushed gravel, crushed  Class 2 Base Rock is a recycled product composed of fines and 3/4" crushed concrete. Crush and run gravel, also known as crusher run, is a type of gravel that is commonly used in places where motor vehicles are often driven or parked. Area Calculator; Cylinder/Circle Calculator; Credit Card Authorization Form; FAQ; Get a Quote Crushed Materials Woodruff & Sons, Inc. It can be be used to outline a small patio in your backyard or it can be used on large-scale commercial properties for landscaping additions. Place a 6-inch depth of crushed stone on the fabric. A paving base also provides structural support to the surface above, and helps spread heavy loads over a larger area. It is ideal for use on driveways and as a base material for concrete. Krush Krete Recycled Concrete in Jacksonville FL Ideal Base: Asphalt, Concrete, Pavers & More | Pickup Only! When structures and roadways are demolished, rubble including concrete and metal can either be disposed in landfills or recycled and reused. Once the crushed concrete is set in place, you can no longer tell its difference from the original one. is a supplier of crushed concrete road base and other aggregate materials at their Bradenton, FL, Tampa, FL and Michigan City, IN locations. Sweetman Place Sioux Falls, SD 57105 Ph: 605. 7T/m3 (+/- 10%). If installed properly, as base, alone, under artificial grass surfaces, it provides the highest permability, however, can leave the surfaces looking [bumpy] unlevel, and may move under the artificial grass surfaces under heavy weight or traffic patterns. Minimum dump delivery is 3 yards Minimum flatbed delivery is 2 tons Smaller pieces of concrete are used as gravel for new construction projects. The states that do use recycled concrete aggregate (RCA) in new concrete report that concrete with RCA performs equal to concrete with natural aggregates. I know they are making a killing on this crushed concrete and they tell me its £7 a ton cheaper a ton than the granite, they also say its been certified type 1. Washington Yes up to 100% as base (9-03. 336. 3/4” DGA or Q/P is used for road base, asphalt and as a base for concrete pavers. However, the construction aggregate used here is more subtle than the one used in the base course, which means the thickness range is way smaller. ConRock is a supplier of road base, aggregates, drainage, bulk fill, recycled concrete aggregates, sand, and top soil. Crushed stone or gravel driveway installation is relatively simple. Concrete, while not made of oil cannot be recycled back into concrete. Flexible Base - crushed concrete: Flexible Base – crushed  Feb 25, 2016 Tamped gravel uniform or not, big or small, rounded or jagged with thin concrete pads (home-made or store bought), retaining wall caps or path  Apr 19, 2019 Recycled concrete aggregate may be an ideal option. It can be crushed and used as a rock base below new concrete or asphalt in a parking lot, driveway, or roadway or used as a fill material. 21) Wisconsin >= 90% crushed concrete that is free of steel reinforcement. To prevent burial or suffocation, do not enter a confined space, You can use crushed concrete as a sub-base for many surface structures. Proper Crushed Concrete Preparation. You should use a crushed stone or crushed concrete for the base material. Section 815—Graded Aggregate 815. The hardened concrete is crushed and graded to ASTM C33 #67. 44 + 7. Concrete shed base or gravel shed base? Which is best? It all depends. in size and predominately used as a top dressing for driveways 2). Is a concrete shed base stronger than crushed stone? Some of our customers who are concerned about “getting it right the first time” would gladly pay more for concrete if it will hold up better than stone. The price is so cheap compared to gravel, that I won't likely get gravel ever again. Here is a quick "How To" if you need to spread and level crushed stone; I wish I had taken photos of the whole process, but I did not. Re: Recycled concrete vs. crushed concrete is ugly,. Concrete recycling gains importance because it protects natural resources and eliminates the need for disposal by using the readily available concrete as an aggregate source for new concrete or other applications. According to a 2004 FHWA study, 38 states recycle concrete as an aggregate base; 11 recycle it into new portland cement concrete. Certain sites provide crushed base material made from recycled concrete. Crushed concrete is heavy and pose risks such as sprains and strains to the back, arms, shoulders and legs during lifting. Note that the color of the crushed concrete is a lighter shade than the crushed rock. RAP is produced by removing and reprocessing existing asphalt pavement and RCA is the product of the demolition of Crushed rock is a type of gravel that has been mechanically broken down into small pieces and sorted by size. Aggregate stone. Recycled aggregates in concrete can also be of use. The machine cost $500,000 . Using recycled concrete in your next construction project eliminates the need for demolished concrete being disposed of at council landfill sites, which assists in protecting the environment from further degradation. Flex Base is commonly used in a wide variety of applications, such as: Underlayment in concrete and asphalt paving; Temporary and permanent roadways; Construction entrances; Driveway and sidewalk construction; Other applications where a firm, weather-resistant base is required 21aa Crushed Concrete: Base for Patios. If you are putting the road crush on top of top soil you will lose more to compaction. Adding a layer of crushed stone will add proper drainage, as well as create a barrier between your slab and the ground. See below for price estimates, effective April 1, 2019. Transportation gregate. Reclaimed concrete material (RCM) is sometimes referred to as recycled concrete pavement (RCP), or crushed concrete. W x 4 in. It is also difficult to fine grade an open-graded base to a relatively uniform elevation. What would I have with the compacted limestone screenings? Would the compacted crushed concrete be too hard as a base? A concrete shed base is the strongest type of shed foundation. Crushed concrete can be used to fill in gulleys and wash out areas but not for a driveway. Product Overview. It is created by mining a suitable rock formation and then breaking down the rock to varying sizes using a crusher. The Concrete Producer A base course on top of the subbase makes it easier to get to the proper grade and to get it flat. 0 inches (SN ESTIMATE = 6 x 0. In addition to site paving benefits, ACB can be advantageous because it can provide: This Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) webpage is a selective list of Caltrans specifications for the use of recycled aggregate "which may include material processed from reclaimed asphalt concrete, Portland cement concrete (PCC), lean concrete base (LCB), cement treated base (CTB), or a combination of any of these A comprehensive series of drained triaxial compression tests were performed on crushed concrete aggregate (CCA) moist as compacted. Aggregates‖ except that the raw material will be recyclable concrete as specified herein rather than a geological deposit of aggregate. Crushed Aggregate Base Coarse (Compaction Gravel) shall consist of one or more courses or layers of coarse aggregate, either crushed gravel or crushed stone, fine aggregate and binder or filler blended as necessary to produce an intimate mixture of the required gradation and stability. The green construction process involves the crushing of recycled concrete to a material up to 3" in size. Agregate base course is generally made of crushed rock and well graded from small to large particles. Road and patio base layers can benefit from using both crushed stone and gravel. crushed concrete doesnt pack down nearly as well as limestone. Crushed rock is a very strong and durable material, and it offers great traction. The above answer is for solid rock, generally not crushed stone. Iron Ore. After leveling your soil for the walkway, spread a 2-inch-deep layer of crushed concrete across the site. Around here road base is 5/8" minus crushed rock, which is crushed gravel ranging in size from 5/8" all the way down to sand particles. 3. A flat, smooth surface is good for flatwork because the concrete can shrink as it cures without being restricted by the base material. Bringing in 4 to 6 in. How many tons of concrete is 100 yards of concrete 6 inches thick. Besides using crushed concrete for driveways and patios, you can choose this material for different land-filling tasks, such as laying foundations for a new build or extension. Layer good packed base, rockdust then crushed limestone, should last a good long time. 5 x 0. they give them to you provided you haul it. If it were crushed in the manner of a graded aggregate base material, the density would be upwards of 120+ pcf. The layer 0. Just speak with us about your exact specifications on crushed concrete in Houston, and we will deliver the goods. [5] >=75 percent by count of non-asphalt coated particles. Once these materials have been crushed up and graded, they can now be classified as being mot type 1 aggregates. ft. That task essentially locks the pieces into place. Crushed concrete and applications is presented based on the specifications of ACI 555R-01, British Standard, and Building Contractors Society of Japan. Beaumont, TX Knife River  Crushed concrete — the recycled kind is much less expensive than new concrete — can be used as a base under country roads, driveways, patios, and  Crushed concrete packs very well and is used as a base for paving projects like asphalt or landscaping designs. Texas Aggregate & Base Materials is a full-service company that can provide all your base material needs from procurement to transportation to installation. Called crushed concrete aggregate. Crushed Limestone Base; Pipe Bedding; Dimension Granite; Limestone Boulders; Concrete Aggregate; Ballast; Hot Mix Aggregate; Aglime/Maglime/Sand; Oversized Rock; Call Us: 800-772-8272 Se Habla Espanol Strata Materials also recycles the steel removed during the concrete crushing process, which is ultimately used by steel producers as a supplemental feed source for their production process. Used as base in roadways or parking lots. Sand is often made of silicon dioxide, but can be made of any material that is hard enough to retain shape (crushed granite, crushed limestone, crushed concrete are considered sand if the size is correct). Crushed stone differs from gravel in that gravel has a more rounded shape and is made by the natural processes of weathering and erosion. Crushed concrete. Crushed concrete is a type of recycled concrete that's often used for property improvements on both a major and minor scale. 0) Asphalt: 1. crushed run gravel? Best way to smooth it out and compact it at the same time is a large vibrating drum roller. Base/sub base material, hard stand areas, under concrete slabs, bedding and backfill. Is made of broken concrete and asphalt and is usually crushed to a 3/4" minus and is excellent for driveways and parking lots and has many other uses. Crushed Concrete, also referred to as "recycled concrete", is a course base material consisting of larger pieces of recycled concrete and various sand mixtures; A must for driveways; Uses: Most Commonly used a super sub base Material for Concrete Paver Installations; Base material for a variety of hardscape installations Crushed aggregate is produced by crushing quarry rock, boulders, cobbles, or large-size gravel. 34 = 3. 0 inches (SN = 1. up vote 7 down vote. The layer coefficient of 0. 1 Answer 1. Crushed concrete as base. 4191 The most common types of sub-base are a crushed miscellaneous base (CMB), a Class II road base, or a decomposed granite (DG). Prepared for. instead,. A simple an inexpensive way to prep the ground for a new spa is by using a crushed stone base. State Study No. This gravel comes in irregular shapes with sharp edges that wedge together when compacted. The blend of materials in our cement treated base must cure adequately to allow the cement to hydrate and the mixture to harden. Recycled concrete qualifies for recycled material credits, and because it usually is found locally, it qualifies for local credits. Sold by the ton or cubic yard, crushed concrete is a cost effective substitute for structural fills and can be used for road base, sub base or fill. The size and amount of gravel added to a bag of concrete also determines the product's volume, strength, and durability. Crushed Providing crushed concrete base to San Antonio and South Texas, this facility sells crushed concrete and accepts haul off of concrete. Whether you’re doing a repair, standard maintenance, or starting a new project, Robertson’s has you covered with our wide selection of aggregate products. It drains well, but is not generally suitable for making your road base. MSDS: 1. PRICING. We process and sell recycled crushed concrete and asphalt aggregates Flex base/Crushed Concrete (TX DOT 247 Type D); Bull rock (3” X 5”) HCFC spec  Alex Fraser Recycled Concrete products: 5mm recycled concrete aggregare; 14mm 75mm Recycled Concrete, Crusher Dust; Eco Base; MR2. 99 t/m3: 11. Permeable Base Is used for drainage and can be used under artificial turf. 2017. Base Material Products We can fill all your base material needs including recycled concrete, rip-rap, limestone, sand or gravel. 01 t/m3: 12. (This is based on you having a stable compacted base first. Oh - and BTW - rounded/river gravel is not best - a CRUSHED rock product (though same size as gravel - typically 1/2" or 3/4" minus for this purpose) is much better - does not move around as much under load, though under a sidewalk not anywhere as near important as under a driveway where rounded gravel can cause significant issues. What is Crushed Concrete? Definition: What Does the Term “Crushed Concrete” Mean? In most areas of the country, concrete that is part of a demolition project is brought to a crushing plant that will crush the concrete, separate the rebar and sell the resultant product for various uses. The process is complete once the stone has been crushed and screened to size. A concrete shed base is the strongest type of shed foundation. recycled aggregates in new construction. The advantage of sand and gravel in road base is that they drain well. 3 Crushed rock and crushed gravel will be free from organic or soft material that would disintegrate through decay or weathering. Sizes range from 75mm down to 40mm. At least 36 The Sub-Base is a layer of small chipped aggregate and dust, typically Crushed Fines, which is laid above the ABC on driveways or heavy traffic areas. 5760 1500 N. The crush run needs to be wet when installed, after compacting and drying it will be hard as concrete. 238. Recycled concrete aggregate as road base: Leaching  Central Crushed Concrete (CCC) is the premier recycler of concrete in Central Texas through purchasing our TxDOT approved Base and Aggregate materials . Silt, organics and clay drain poorly, is a crushed limestone. H, you can also use the sand for paver leveling or as paver joint sand. Other Name(s): 3" Clean Crushed Concrete, Clean Crushed Concrete. I have never,ever seen a piece of metal ,raking it out for Years ! I pay $10. This type of Crushed Concrete in mainly used as a sub-base or drainage layer where the presence of fines is un-desirable. Paver Base (Step 1) provides a firm, stable base for installation of interlocking pavers, step stones and patio blocks. Without crushed stone, pooling water will settle under it and erode your slab. Crushed recycled concrete can also be used as the dry aggregate for brand new concrete if it is free of contaminants. It can also be used for decorative aggregates. Portland cement concrete (PCC) and asphalt concrete (AC) consist primarily of aggregate. To be honest though, I went deeper than that in some places and ended up having to bring in much more paver base (crushed concrete) than I really needed. 5,800 tons of crushed concrete base for all of the interior paving. what is crushed concrete base

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